Vectrex Collectors Pins

I’ve designed a set of Vectrex collector pins.

Vectrex collectors pins.
Vectrex collectors pins.

Very much inspired by the Atari collector pins, these are hard enamel badges roughly 3cm in size.

Stramash Zone pin.
Stramash Zone collectors pin.

I’ve had a test run of the Stramash Zone pin manufactured and am pretty pleased with the results. If it looks like there’s a demand i’ll get the others made one at a time (i’d love to get the lot done at once but it costs money).

Stramash Zone pin.
Stramash Zone collectors pins.

These should appear in the shop eventually.

OH, if you happen to have an Atari Crystal Castles, Liberator or Quantum collector pin, I’d be keen to buy or trade you something very nice for it.

Quantum, Crystal Castles and Liberator.
Looking for Quantum, Crystal Castles and Liberator Atari collector pins.


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