Chimney Hunt 2020

Chimney Hunt 2020 edition and matching collector pin, available NOW.

The game on novelty PCB is 20 pounds and each collector pin is 6 pounds. If you’d like one just email me.

2020 has been hard on us all and due to Covid restrictions, Cyber Santa can’t afford to make enough presents AGAIN!

The gifts he’s lost over the years whilst delivering down chimneys would be enough to cover the shortfall if only there was an economic way to collect them all.

Elf boffins from the temporal engineering department to the rescue. By adapting the space folding technology that lets Santa deliver presents to 7 Billion people in one night, they’ve managed to space-warp every chimney on earth into one gigantic mega-chimney.

You must fly down the mega-chimney and collect all the lost presents to save Christmas.

Dare you enter the Mega-Chimney?
Good Luck!

Chimney Hunt novelty PCB for Vectrex
Chimney Hunt novelty PCB for Vectrex
Chimney Hunt Collector Pin
Chimney Hunt Collector Pin

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