The J.I.B. A Vectrex joystick interface board.

Vectrex Joystick Interface Board.

Joystick Interface Board

The Vectrex Joystick Interface Board (JIB) is a device that allows you to attach digital joysticks, arcade control panels and all kinds of other devices to the Vectrex, very simply, using a common ground.

Wiring a joystick and 4 buttons.

This is designed to be a way of hooking the Vectrex up to digital joysticks and buttons that is simpler than the currently popular hack. It was developed so I could hook my Vectrex up to an unmodified asteroids control panel but it has uses way beyond that. It even allows connection to micro controllers like arduino and raspberry pi so the potential is almost limitless.

Not only does the JIB have large breakout lugs that will accept crocodile clips or banana plugs, or can be soldered to directly, but it also has header sockets that allow hats or shields to be attached to expand the devices capabilities. All manor of custom interfaces can be designed and added.

Joystick Interface Board and blank “shield” or “hat” board.

If you would like one of these boards they are now available in my shop.



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