Stramash Zone sketch.

Number of Lives tank.

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  1. I see that you are sold out of Stramash Zone with no plans for any more production. Are you willing to provide a downloadable copy that I could burn into an EPROM? I will promise not to redistribute.

    I have an Atari Battlezone Arcade, and several Vectrex systems.

    1. Where did you hear i have no plans for any more production?
      In 2019 I hope to release
      Maximum Overdive for the vectrex.
      A re-release of Nox, Deathchase may be on the cards.
      And Stramash Zone will get a second run when i feel there’s enough demand to justify the cost of production.
      I’d really rather not distribute free roms of that however I have just released a free Christmas game. You’ll find the rom at the top of the Blog :

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